My name is Alex. When I am not a translator I am an English teacher, and sometimes I am simply unemployed. Youssef is my boyfriend and favorite human — I will mention him a lot. We are currently living in Paris on a coffee and croissant based diet.


I have changed the “About” section of the blog a few times (and the content as well) but have finally decided to embrace my weirdness. I’ve had a pretty active and unpredictable life, with stress, anxiety, depression and a few other fun things. My journey sometimes got a bit too rocky and now that I have finally reached calmer waters I am able to clearly analyze past events in my life that shaped me into who I am today.

Some of the stories are funny — at least to me, I was once described as being “cringe-worthy funny” — and some not so much, but I always try to keep it light-hearted. I will also tell you about my daily occurrences and what the fuck moments, and I have a lot of those.


I am dying to meet and elephant. I also love the water, make up, nail polish and candles (if they smell nice, even better!)

I am very talkative, so if you’re as loquacious as I am feel free to contact me on Instagram or Twitter.