Life Goals

I am obsessed with making lists and I have made a whole activity out of it. I make lists about exercises I want to do, movies I want to watch, books I want to read, poems that I like…etc. I also have pens of different colors to categorize my lists and different notebooks of different sizes, all of them neatly organized in different boxes because I also have an obsession with putting things inside pretty little boxes, and then those boxes inside bigger boxes.


Usually my lists are a bit shorter but because I want to squeeze as much as I can out of life I decided to do a Life Goals List, which looks like this:


1. Join a book club

2.Find a job that I am passionate about

3.Learn to use Photoshop

4.Purchase Adobe Lightroom

5.Visit my family in Mexico

6.Own a dog

7.Meet an elephant

8.Learn Arabic (in progress)

9.Learn French (in progress)

10.Take my mom on a trip

11.Go backpacking

12.Try to care about how I dress

13.Join a charity

14.Take a creative writing class

15.Go to Yoga class

16.Write a short book

17.Learn to cook more recipes

18.Start a business or organization

19.Take care of a plant

20.Buy new camera + lens

21.Make a vision board

22.Find and apartment

23.Buy a bicycle and stop taking the metro

24.Go to Sheikh Zayed Mosque

25. Finish a whole book in French